Surfski Rentals

surfski rentals deep cove
Rates: See below for details
Dates: April - October
Age: All ages


Rent a surfski at one of our great waterfront locations:

Deep Cove Kayak is right in Say Nuth Khaw Yum / Indian Arm combining calm waters and stunning scenery to provide a spectacular wilderness escape just minutes from the city.


Jericho Beach Kayak located in the Kitstilano neighborhood in Vancouver boasts beautiful views of the city and the North Shore mountains and has ample of parking. Jericho Beach also often gets a good westerly wind which provides great conditions for downwind paddling

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Single Kayak* Double Kayak Stand Up Paddleboard Surfski*
2 Hours $45 $69 $45 $45
3 Hours $65 $98 $65 $65
Full Day $95 $129 $95 $95
24 Hours $105 $155 $105 $105
48 Hours $150 $219 $150 $150
Extra Day $50 $79 $50 $50

*Kayakers wishing to paddle alone must be able to explain or demonstrate a solo recovery of a capsized kayak

[Prices above do not include taxes]

If you want to save time on check in, our regular waiver forms can be found by clicking here, and our parental consent forms here.


Surfskiing is an exciting, fitness-oriented paddle sport where the boats are lightweight, high-tech, and give great glide, all while being very stable. They are paddled just like a kayak, but are much lighter, so they go further & faster. So why not paddle in a vessel that will let you see the most of beautiful Deep Cove and the Say Nuth Khaw Yum / Indian Arm in your rental time.

All surfski rentals include paddle, PFD, whistle and leg leash.

We have a diverse range of surfskis suitable for beginners to advanced paddlers so we will have something for everyone. If you are looking to hone your technique, take one of our lessons!

If you either want to go out for a short paddle, or a long training run, our knowledgeable staff can recommend the best way to head out of Deep Cove and where to go.

We highly recommend that you reserve ahead to ensure that we have the right surfski available for you. Call us on 604-929-2268 to Reserve & Inquire.


Additional Info


If you need info on what to wear or bring with you check out our What to Bring page.

If you need additional info on our safety or cancellation policies, check out our Additional Info page.

If you have any other questions, see if they are already answered on our FAQ page or call us at 604.929.2268.

Dates & Times

ALL HOURS OF OPERATION ARE WEATHER AND DAYLIGHT DEPENDENT- Please call us on 604-929-2268 prior to departure to confirm our hours.

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