April 24 – Beachview Criterium

April 24 – Beachview Criterium

The Beachview Criterium Tuesday Night Race can be tricky – go too hard on your first lap and you’ve got nothing left by the third, but don’t go hard enough and you’ll find it hard to catch up. This is a fun buoy race, which starts at Grey Rocks and you can do 1, 2 or 3 laps of the 2km loop.

Paddle to Grey Rocks to start the race – Karly will be yelling at you from the boat to line up where she wants you, and ONLY where she wants you. Head south to the yellow buoy and back to Karly. Do that again if you want, and another one if you really want.

As usual, registration is at 6pm for a 7pm race start.

2, 4 or 6km, plus 2km paddle each way to get to the start line and back again – treat these like your warm up and down!

Beachview Criterium Deep Cove Tuesday Night Race