September 12th – Race of Truth!

September 12th – Race of Truth!

Well. That was a whole load of AWESOME nonsense wasn’t it?? If you didn’t see the start of tonight’s race, you can check it out below and just marvel at the mayhem.

WHAT a fun race – watching from the dock I was envious of all the people in Looksha 14s (for probably the first time ever in a race) banging about and laughing. Congrats to Wes Hammer for being the first in, but congrats to everyone for having such a great race. We’re definitely doing this again next year. Results below.

HUGE thanks to Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue who also came out with their two beautiful red and yellow boats. Race entry tonight was by donation, and I am SO PROUD to say that we raised $1000 for these guys who do such important work on our waterways and are all volunteers. They also came to the Raven and did a 50/50 draw and raised an additional $440 – THANK YOU ALL!!!

The Year End Party after the race is going to down in TNR history. Thank you so much to everyone who came out, we had over 100 people take over the Raven, winning 60+ prizes and generally having much merriment. I’m not sure who Peter Gumplinger and Dorian Harries paid to get their names drawn so many times, but congrats to them and their respective hauls! For the big prizes, congrats go to Scott Wanless for winning the Starboard SUP, and Luke Johnson for winning the Epic Kayak, both of whom get to choose their board/boat and use it for a year before deciding if they want to buy it or return it.

Thank you again for an amazing season. We’ll be hosting Cross Country Ski Tuesday Night Races at Cypress Mountain starting in January, and be back on the water April 3rd, 2018.


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