July 4th – Lone Rock > Raccoon > Jug Island

July 4th – Lone Rock > Raccoon > Jug Island

There was a lot of talk about how windy it was for last night’s Tuesday Night Race in Deep Cove! And not just from the stand up paddlers – the sit down surfskiers were feeling it too.

The wind didn’t seem to have any effect whatsoever on Kenny Rice who is in town ahead of the Canadian Surfski Champs. He started after everyone else AND finished 4 1/2 minutes ahead of the next closest paddlers, Trista Bilmer & Brian Page, who themselves looked like they were steaming ahead!! If you want to paddle like Kenny, consider signing up for one of his clinics which you can check out here!

Behind them was Bob Putnam, Tony Hodanic and the double of Bernd Groll and Sean Gibson. Last night was definitely the night of the doubles; along with the two already mentioned, there was Jamie Stirling and Silke Gumplinger practicing for the Canadian Champs, David & Oliver Kvick, Peter Gumplinger & Finley Hildebrand all in the long course.

For the single surfskis, all the regulars were out last night – training and looking good for the Canadian Champs coming up NEXT SATURDAY JULY 15th!! I don’t want to play favourites but just to mention Jim Smith who made up huge strides to catch up to Neil Muncey and Paul Hansen. Cynthia Wonham and Eric Broberg also looked great, and Clay Ronaghan and David Morris had one of their classic back and forths!

The SUP field tonight was pretty small, and up to just past Raccoon they were pretty tight. Matt Abbott led from the start, with Mike, Kelvin, Evan and Adam behind. Kelvin was on a 14′ One SUP Evo and there was one point where he just FLEW past the others. Harry Saini also cruised by a good few people at one point showing how his cross fit has given him that sprint speed, and Dorian Harries was strong off the start but couldn’t hold off the pack.

For the short course tonight, Shane and Alex Martin were super fast to finish first, with some of the classic pack behind them – Stacey Wyatt and John Joyce in particular. Great to see Max Remmler and Nik Kristiansen looking great for the U18 surfski class too!

Thanks all – results below and photos on Facebook here. Next week is the Race with the Stars where some of the best surfski paddlers in the world will be taking part. Check out the info here.

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