Board the Fjord 2017

Board the Fjord 2017

The forecast for yesterday’s race sure was intense – it started off beautifully…but by 11am we were facing a bad wind warning, followed by 100% chance of rain. Perfect! On the day, however, conditions didn’t get as bad as anticipated, and the rain held off right until we were waiting for awards and prizes to be given out!

Thanks to Bob for filming for Facebook Live, and you can see 30 minutes of race footage from shortly after the start here. It really is impressive to see SO many stand up paddleboarders all leave from the dock at the same time, and then as the race continues, to see them string out in a line behind each other.

We had 94 racers in total, including those in the 1km kids race too – and for such a forecast we are so grateful to everyone for coming out and taking part! I spoke to a number of people who told me it had either been their first season, or even one of their first races, which is just fantastic to see. Congrats to everyone.

The final sprint finish was one of those gargantuan efforts that everyone will be talking about for a good while to come. CONGRATS to our own Mike Darbyshire for never saying die, and for an incredible few hundred final metres where he not only held off Geordie Goodman, but also caught Jason Bennett up AND overtook him for the win in 1:28:00. Unfortunately, Bob encountered one of the infamous Deep Cove deadzones just at the crucial moment, but you can watch the lead up to the sprint finish here.

For the women, Tamlyn Bohm from Kelowna took the win in the hugely competitive 12’6″ class in 1:39:51, from Sue Sandstrom and Carmen Merkel. There were 11 total in that class and the times for the middle of the pack were incredibly close, awesome work all, I wish I could have been out there with you!

I find the concept that someone would want to prone paddleboard rather challenging in itself, but for the guys that chose to prone board today a HUGE shout out and congrats! Joel Perkins won in 1:41:20, with James Thesiger and Gary Cassulis for the rest of the podium.

I am also always humbled by the junior paddlers who are 10 and 11 years old who paddle 14km like it’s no thing. I definitely wasn’t doing anything remotely that impressive when I was that age, so massive congrats to Joe Wright at 10, and William Smart at 11 for completing the race and beating men and women many times their ages. Adam Gerbrecht at 15 years old won the Junior category in an amazing time of 1:42:41 – congrats Adam!

In the short course, Greg Kabatoff came in first in 44:27 – Greg that means you now have to step up to the 14km course next year!! Estelle Matheson was the first woman past the finish line at 57:03, and our Group Bookings Coordinator Rupert Jasper on a prone board also completed in 1:06:44.

There were only three competitors in the 4km race, so HUGE congrats to Caleb Podmore for winning in 36:09, and Sarah Wright in 2nd, with Finn Stanhope in 3rd. We look forward to seeing you guys in the 7km race at least next year!

Awards, BC SUP Cup results and draw prizes followed in a very typical North Vancouver sort of afternoon. Thank you SO much to everyone for sticking around and celebrating, and especially to Jay Inouye for making our wonderful trophies this year! Thanks as always to our wonderful team for helping make today the success that it was – we’ll see you next year!

Results below, photos on Facebook here and here, and race video here.

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