Board the Fjord 2016

Board the Fjord 2016

Well the day dawned for Board the Fjord looking like a typical Pacific Northwest fall morning! But that didn’t deter our fantastic racers, who turned out in their droves for our last race of the summer paddling season.

There were some surfski paddlers out there who came back in to report how much ‘fun’ they had had out on the water, which meant that conditions were going to be pretty choppy out there for the SUPers. To say the least.

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who took part – of the 6 years that we have been running the race it was by far the hardest course, which you could tell by people’s faces when they got back in. But they were happy faces to have faced the course and finished! Those hotdogs were well deserved. Massive respect to Carmen Merkel, who not only paddled her own race but then went back out to support Estelle Matheson as she finished too. You make us proud to be part of this amazing paddling community.

There were lots of new faces as well as people who hadn’t raced 14km before which was just brilliant to see. We hope to have even more people next year…and maybe less wind 🙂

Results below, photos on facebook by clicking here.

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