August 7 – Camp Howdy and SUP Buoy Course

August 7 – Camp Howdy and SUP Buoy Course

Race Report by Tim Quarles

I don’t envy the leaders in these races; buoy oh buoy, where are we going? Sorry to test the pun-o-meter like that, but in Tuesday night’s paddle race the SUP buoy course had twenty-two buoy turns while the Camp Howdy long course had only one.
Thankfully, Mike Darb along with Evan and Adam (1 st , 2 nd 3 rd ) showed the way for the rest of us in the 3 lap Tour de Cove SUP race. Behind them, we all had great incentive to keep them in sight so as not to lose our way!

But even for the surf ski crew with only one buoy to contend with at Camp Howdy, it still wasn’t so obvious. Temporarily confused Katja said “which buoy is it?” while Shane’s helpful reply of “I’m not sure” was met with a thumbs up from Cam on the race boat. With such clarity, an easy decision was made and the rest of the fleet followed suit.

Back on the SUP course, it was action-packed fun. We got to start in the water, which is a nice twist on a hot night and probably eased some of the normal congestion and carnage around the first left hand turn. Speaking of LH SUP turns, this counter-clockwise course had 18 (I counted) LH vs 6 RH turns; a distinct disadvantage for the goofy-footer minority. Derek Zoolander and goofy-footers share the same handicap: we are not “ambi-turners” and we “can’t turn left”. Still we all managed ok and it was great to watch the post-race video and see some great duals, including efforts from Jr. racers Will Smart and Oliver Humenny.

There was plenty more excitement on the Camp Howdy course too, with mandatory re-mounts at the start, Lone Rock and Jug Island. Some re-mounted with ease, while others needed multiple efforts. (Is it still called a re-mount after you’ve re-mounted and capsized again…or is it a re-re-mount?) Bob said it was fun to watch the scene unfold and noticed a strong finish from Sean Gibson, who had a great race. At the finish, it was Katja and Jeff in the double surf ski crossing a split second before Shane.

Seth and Nate Hendricks in another double were paddling on all cylinders and nipped Russ Stothers by a couple of seconds. Daryl finished a strong third, just ahead of Brian and Trista in another double. It’s great to have a good fleet of doubles out racing!

Of note was the finish of Joel Perkins on a prone paddle board, who completed an intense M2O crossing race a few days ago. Also, Carole Fullerton competed in the SUP class on the 6km course and she had just completed the Lake Ontario Crossing (same distance as M2O – 32miles). Congrats to you both!

So, with all the re-mounts and all the buoy turns, congrats to all for finishing without too many navigational issues. Buoy oh buoy, what a race!

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