August 28 – Cascadia Doubles ‘No Cup’ Cup

August 28 – Cascadia Doubles ‘No Cup’ Cup

Race Report by Tim Quarles

In many competitive sports, athletes will tell you that it’s not about the expensive houses, fast cars and fancy lifestyle, but more often than not they’ll refer to a childhood dream of hoisting some old trophy above their head in triumph.

Each year, local paddlers grab the nearest double kayak or surf ski and compete for the right to have their names engraved on the fabled Cascadia Doubles No Cup Cup. I’ve always wondered how the race got named and Bob explained it succinctly, “I wanted it to sound like a big deal, but didn’t want to buy a trophy”.

This year the race was hotly contested with a number of top paddlers pairing up in various craft. It was especially cool to see parents, kids and siblings teaming up as well. On the 7.5 km long course around Grey Rocks, Hamber and Jug Islands, Bob and Lucas were well ahead and easily grabbed first place. They were followed by Shane, Linda and Alex with Scott Wanless and Sean Hulscher with only 3 seconds separating them for 2 nd and 3 rd .

The shorter, 5.5 km course skipped the Jug Island leg and it was Joel and Alexia Jeangrand who came across the line first. Next was the canoe team of Russ and Cynthia showing their prowess with single blades and they were followed by Liliana and Stephan Bernhard a couple of minutes later. The single surfski and kayak classes were still competitive, (despite many paddlers opting for the doubles class) and saw Connor Curson, Dion Maxwell and Paul Hansen take the three top podium spots. Kudos go out to Jody Boates and Gary Cassulis who completed the long course on prone paddleboards. By the way, how come there were no prone paddlers teaming up to compete as doubles? Well, maybe next year.

For the SUPs, there was a great turnout including some international talent as the ONE SUP team have been racing, testing and touring around the PNW for a few weeks. Aussie board shaper Ben Tardrew teamed up with David Smart in a double kayak and they were out to beat the rest of the gang on SUPs. Despite enduring some heavy trash talking, they easily proved that four blades are better than one, beating the best SUPs by over two minutes! Paul Jackson took the win for the SUPs, with Mike D. right behind for 2 nd and Jake Jenson rounding out the top three. It was good to see locals Adam and Evan Gerbrecht in the mix with the Aussies too, along with Jason Bennett.

Overall, it was a fantastic night with fun, competitive racing no matter whether you were sitting down, standing up or lying prone; it didn’t even matter if you paddled as a double or not. But isn’t it fitting that Bob and Lucas now get to have their names engraved on the Cascadia Doubles Cup; you know…the one that Bob was too cheap to buy.

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