Tuesday Night Race – April 4th 2017

Tuesday Night Race – April 4th 2017

Well – WHAT to say about the first Tuesday Night Race of the year??

I feel like there was the full range of human emotion on display last night from the 70 racers on the water; joy from some of the surfski paddlers at catching some fun little waves, despair from some other surfskiers as they rounded the corner out of the Cove and got caught in some serious side swipes, determination from the stand up paddlers out there who battled something like 20 knots of wind on the way back, and relief as EVERYONE made it back to the Cove safely.

[A point of etiquette and SAFETY – if you pull out of a race PLEASE TELL SOMEONE SO WE DON’T THINK YOU ARE STILL ON THE WATER!!! Mike and the team had some scary moments trying to track everyone down.]

As for the results…congrats to Wes Hammer for his first win of the season, and Rob Hansen and Chris D who were close behind him. There were a bunch of new faces out there – Carl Tessman from the Island, Dylan Adams and Andy Hubbard some of our ex-instructors, Yves Langlois in a V8 and many more.

There was also a great showing from those taking the Indian Arm Challenge Training Sessions with Wes and Mike. Everyone looked really strong, and even though a couple had to pull out due to the truly overwhelming conditions, the sessions are really proving their worth and it’s looking good for the race on May 13th. If you’ve been inspired by the first race to register, or want more info you can do so by clicking here.


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