April 3rd – Grey Rocks Return

April 3rd – Grey Rocks Return

Well, the day dawned bright and, errr, grey – BUT that didn’t deter 77 racers from coming out for the first race of Tuesday Night Racing’s 20th Season!! Yep, that’s right folks, 20 years of paddlesport racing in Deep Cove – CONGRATULATIONS! How about that cake eh??

We stayed with the traditional season opener of the Grey Rocks Return, with no-one taking the short course option, so all racers headed out to Grey Rocks, keeping the new 5-knot can on their right, and Grey Rocks on their left. There didn’t appear to be any rock hang ups, and everyone looked pretty strong for the first race of the year.

Katja and Jeff took the win from Shane just a second behind them. Bob looked like he might have caught them…but went hard too early and fell off in the last couple hundred metres. Too bad, Bob – you’ll get ’em next time.

The next group of surfskiers saw the unexpected domination of Putnam mark 2, with Lucas Putnam-Rea storming in, making it look easy. THEN after a couple more people came Putnam mark 3! Seth Putnam-Rea also looking smooth. These Putnam boys are going to be ones to watch this year it seems.

For the first race of the season there were a lot of regulars back in action – welcome back to Warren Bruce who’s been sunning himself in Mexico for the last couple years, to Mike Fitzmaurice and Reid Carter who haven’t been seen in these parts for a while. Too many others to mention but it was LOVELY to see everyone again after the winter break.

It was also great to see three OCs racing tonight too – two of which had paddled over from Belcarra and had to paddle back in the dark! That’s commitment – hopefully a trend that will continue.

For the SUPs Mike D came out strong and led Jason Bennett, Ben Wright and Adam Gerbrecht (who is also looking REALLY strong – clearly some good training going on). There were some DCK staff looking pretty good on SUPs too – Imre Mihalik, Krista Cline and Katie Weinstein having great races!

There were also some prone racers out tonight too – regular racers Joel Perkins, Fred Feuermann and Scott Burton, and newcomer Gus Cordeiro and Chris Read. You guys are so hardcore – I don’t know how you do it in such cold water!

After the race there was a great gathering in the Raven for food, beer and CAKE to celebrate TNR20. Just to clarify – that ISN’T happening every week this season 😉 Results below. No photos this week BUT we do have a video – check it out below.

See you next week.

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