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April 19th – Jug Island Time Trial

April 19th – Jug Island Time Trial

What a spectacular April evening.  Warm air and cool water.  It was time for the 1st of the season Jug Island Time Trial.  Now before I get going about the race, there is quite the debate going about the value of Time Trials.  We value your opinion.  Every year we create the race calendar based on what formats we believe to be popular, but in reality our judgement is basic on anecdotal evidence.  Over the years we have whittled away the multi-sport events.  During the adventure racing heyday, and Dave Norona,  almost every race was multi-sport.  We didn’t post the race formats and the motto was “Be Prepared to Paddle, Run, Swim”  Often, I was dreaming up the race format on route to the race.  Sometimes we didn’t announce the race format until the start line.  People could be heard exclaiming, “you want us to do WHAT?”  But after the challenging races it was High Fives all-around.
Only two races remain from the multi-sport era.  The Great Kayak Swap sponsored by Kintec, and The Maple Beach Multi-Sport   Both are too fun to get rid of.  But I digress!
Time Trials are great solo, against the clock efforts and are a discipline unto themselves.  “The Race of Truth”  No drafting, no tactics, its all about who can endure the pain.  But as some people have pointed out, they are there for fun and enjoy the head to head competition of mass starts and pack racing.  There was a fairly heated debate at post race video viewing at The Raven Pub
So give us your feed-back.  Should we keep Time Trials or replace them with…….what.
I decided to race the paddle board for the first time since Warren and my domination of the stand-up sit down challenge.  I have been paddling and really enjoying the Starboard 14′ AllStar   An awesome board.  I tried trash talking some of the DART SUP kids, saying that Mike would make them do extra sprints if I beat them.  None of them seemed very worried.  The cool thing about Time Trials is that you never know how you performed until its over.  Mike Darbyshire took the win in the 14’ SUP.  Alison Wood took the women’s div and kicked many of the guy’s butts too.  In the surfski world, a guy who was involved in TNR BITD (back in the day) made a triumphant return, ousting Warren Bruce by a full 5 seconds.
A great turn-out with 88 participants.
If you are interested in taking your surfski skills to the Next level, join myself at the Jericho Outrigger Club for the Master The Surfski Sessions   We will be doing 4 progressive session at Jericho Beach with a goal of taking on the Ambleside Tidal Rapid.

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