April 10th – Lone Rock Return

April 10th – Lone Rock Return

Considering the forecast was for rain, it turned out to be a beautiful night for a race. Glassy water and not too chilly – Gary Parsons got a bit carried away and raced in JUST HIS SHORTS but he was the only one!

There were 82 racers tonight – even more than last week which was great to see. Again, the return of some familar faces – Wes Hammer was back, Trista and Brian, Russ Stothers, Matt Abbott and more. Thanks guys! There were also a number of NEW faces which is fantastic to see – if you didn’t catch our blog on what it’s like to do a race for the first time you can see it here.

As for the race – the surfskis set off strong, followed by the SUPs. The lead pack of skis held together pretty much the whole way around – Katja & Jeff, Wes, Ty Gee, Warren Bruce, Bob and his son Lucas. Katja and Jeff held Wes off for the win, but it was all about the race between the Putnams. Lucas was sat right on Bob’s talk coming past the 5 knot can, riding his wash and looking like he had all the time in the world. Well. For us on the boat, this was prime time for Lucas to step up and overtake…so we started yelling encouragement – and Lucas just WENT FOR IT!! It was pretty awesome to watch – he just calmly upped his pace and overtook, looking like a pro. There was a fantastic effort by Bob to hold him off, but he could tell he was beaten and once Lucas had it, Bob graciously dropped back and Lucas had it.

And it didn’t end there! Lucas then took on Warren Bruce too who was next in line, and with a last sprint effort he beat him too, by tenths of a second! It was really impressive to watch – for Lucas to have so much left right at the end showed him as a real tactical athlete…or maybe it was just us yelling at him from the boat (!) either way – amazing effort. We reckon it’ll only be a couple weeks until he’s taking first spot.

There was also a pretty fantastic battle between the SUPs for first place – Mike D had the lead from Matt Abbott, but Matt also looked like he was saving himself for a sprint and at one point looked like he had it, but Mike still had a bit left in the tank and took the win by just 2 seconds.

There were a few other little rivalries going on through the field – Andy Hubbard and Neil Muncey, Dwayne Lotnick and Greig Gjerdalen were just a couple I saw. I love that desperate sprint for the end, leaving everything out in the race – such a great feeling no matter who actually crosses first!

We have PHOTOS this week due to the return of Viv – you can check them out here. Results below, see you next week for the Jug Island Time Trial.

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