First Tuesday Night Race #3 – EVER!

First Tuesday Night Race #3 – EVER!

So a while ago we promised that we would be featuring some of our racers first Tuesday Night Race – this week we’re going all the way back to the FIRST Tuesday Night Race…although it was on a Wednesday back then…check out the history of your favourite paddlesport race series here:

How the race series came about

According to DCK co-owner Bob Putnam, most of the credit has to go to local adventure racer Dave Norona who inspired the idea of a paddle race by his ‘Days with Dave’ race days where local “tough guys” and adventure racers would follow Dave around North Vancouver running, mountain biking, and borrowing kayaks from Deep Cove Kayak to paddle. Dave suggested that DCK run races on Wednesday Nights.

And ‘Tuesday’ Night Races were born.

The first race

On April 28, 1999 16 racers lined up for the very first race. Included in the line up were the now-familiar faces of Bob Putnam, Joel Perkins, Daryl Remmler, Kevin Vallely, Frank Wolf, Matt Kelly and Dave Norona. The categories were double kayak, single kayak, canoe and surfski. Bob is very keen to point out that he beat Joel by 3 seconds in their single kayaks! The full results look like this:

April 28th, 1999
Race route: Race started from the government wharf, circle the 5 km/h buoy, returned to the Panorama Park swimming dock, back to the buoy and returned to the government wharf.

Approximate distance: 2 Km


5047Parker & Enns22:44Double Kayak
5051Kevin Vallely22:46Single Kayak
5049Bob Putnam23:03Single Kayak
5056Joel Perkins23:06Single Kayak
5059Paul German23:20Single Kayak
5050Craig & Bjiaranson24:15Single Kayak
5055Pavel Szopa24:55Single Kayak
5052Nicky Hastings25:57Single Kayak
5054Frank & Shannon26:35Canoe
5057Lucy Nicholl26:52Single Kayak
5048Marcia Urdang27:55Single Kayak
5053Trish & Yasmin29:39Double Kayak
5058Suzanne Zygmunt30:45Single Kayak


5104Paul Hardy17:41Surf Ski
5103Dave Norona18:45Surf Ski
5111M. Kelly19:42Surf Ski
5107Greg Inkster20:45Surf Ski
5110Remmler & Patrick21:11Canoe
5105Craig Nicholson21:31Surf Ski
5102Babe22:12Surf Ski
5109Matt Nuttall22:25Single Kayak

The first season

There were 16 races in the first season, and for that season Bob was paddling single kayaks, never really seeing himself as a surfskier. That came the year later, in 2000. Bob was clearly not always ahead of the curve 😉 For the first season, he says that it was mostly just he and Joel trying to beat each other in single kayaks, with no real focus on technique, and just using regular rental paddles. Oh, how things change!!

Each week was a different race, with racers having to be prepared for paddling, swimming, running, or a combo of all three. Bob and Dave would make up the race an hour before it started. One of the more memorable races involved a cargo net being set up over the government dock. The race started with a run through the woods to the teaching bay on the right of Deep Cove, swim to the dock and then clamber up the cargo net (with the hazards of people falling on you from above) and then running back to the kayak shop. Can you imagine if we tried that today!?

The organisers obviously had some fun with these races, with results often including such entries as:

DwayneNo ExcuseSingle Kayak
MarySame excuse as DwayneSingle Kayak
GlenWho knowsSingle Kayak
Csilla & Jeffwater looked coldDouble Kayak
Markhad to go to dinner?
Lizaheard about killer jellies?

I can’t imagine Karly standing for that…

That first season saw current racers Steve Lambie, Brian Page, Rod Hope, Tom Hoskins, Matt Kelly and Daryl Remmler as well as Joel and Bob. Without these pioneers of paddlesport racing in Deep Cove, we probably wouldn’t have the huge community of racers that we have today. Thanks to those guys, our race series gets stronger every week and we are STOKED that this is our 20th Season!

We would LOVE to see pictures from the older TNR races if you have any old photos let us know, or if anyone is interested in seeing the archived results please email Amy at

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