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Top 5 Easy Paddle Destinations in Indian Arm from Deep Cove

Top 5 Easy Paddle Destinations in Indian Arm from Deep Cove

It’s looking like it’s going to be a fairly nice weekend (when are we going to stop getting used to this!!) One of the things we ask you to tell us when you rent kayaks or stand up boards from us is where you are going. We ask you this for safety, so that in the unlikely event that you don’t come back when you’re supposed to, we can come and find you easily and ensure that you haven’t got into any difficulties.

Most people who go kayaking on a whim for just a couple of hours might not know where to paddle to, so check out this list of our top five destinations that are easily paddled to in a couple of hours in a kayak or on a stand up paddleboard, all of which you can click on for more info:

Best for scenery – Hamber to Jug Island

hamberislandPaddle out of Deep Cove to the right/south, towards Grey Rocks, and cross over towards Hamber Island, the shortest distance for safety. As you turn towards the letf/north and paddle towards Jug Island with the land of Belcarra to your right you get a truly spectacular view of the fjord with the mountains behind it. You can rest at Jug Beach if you have time, or head back towards Deep Cove, crossing the busy channel safely watching for boat traffic.

Best for ogling at some fantastic houses – Lone Rock

lonerockHeading out of Deep Cove towards the North with the land of Panorama Park and Seycove Marina on your left, this route sees you hugging the shore. The houses on the side of the water are spectacular, with great views of Indian Arm. Lone Rock is a private island with a gorgeous log house on, it even has a heliport! You can’t land on the island but if you hit the tide just right you can paddle under the private bridge that crosses from the mainland to the island and check out the wildlife of the rockpools up close!

Best for getting ice cream – Belcarra Provincial Park

belcarraPaddle out of Deep Cove to the right, towards Boulder and Hamber Islands, crossing at the shortest distance and head straight towards the dock. You should see a beach you can pull in at. Belcarra Provincial Park has a concession stand with ice cream! It also has a nice grassy area you can hang out at.

Best for seeing wildlife – Bedwell Bay

bedwellNow there are no guarantees with this, but Bedwell Bay is generally quieter than other areas so you may have a better chance of seeing some cool creatures here. Paddle across to Jug Island keeping an eye out for boats as this is a high traffic area and pass between the island and the mainland. Head into Bedwell Bay, and keep close to shore as you should be able to see rocks under the surface with sea stars, anemones etc. Other wildlife to keep an eye out for include bald eagles, harbour seals, sea lions and jellyfish (don’t try to touch any red coloured or lions mane jellies but the white moon jellies are not poisonous).

Best for an easy return paddle – Cates Park

catesIndian Arm has a pretty consistent wind current that starts in early afternoon on warm days, heading North up the Arm. To make your paddling experience easier, you can paddle towards Cates Park out of Deep Cove passing by Grey Rocks heading into the wind. The ancestral name for this land is Whey-Ah-Whichen which means ‘faces the wind’, an appropriate name you’ll agree when you turn back and head North back to Deep Cove you will be pushed by the wind making it a much easier paddle on the way back!

We will also do a series of longer paddles to try if you have more time to paddle, are looking for somewhere to camp, or where you can see some truly spectacular scenery. Here’s a photo to whet your appetites…


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