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TNR #21 Tight N Bright

TNR #21 Tight N Bright

Walking into Deep Cove last Tuesday was quite the sight. For a moment I thought I had walked into a grade 12 tight and bright part but no… It was fully grown men and women dressing up for a kayak race… Feeling very unprepared and a bit left out, I just sat back and stared at some great and somewhat revealing outfits.

As the TNR crowds begin to dwindle due to late summer holiday plans and work, we still managed to have over 80 racers out. This has been one of the biggest TNR seasons to date that I’ve been apart of. Spending a couple of years away from it all has given me a deeper appreciation for Deep Cove Kayak and the tight-knit community that surrounds it. I can honestly say it’s going to be hard to say no to being the boat driver for the foreseeable future so y’ all are going to have to deal with my wake a little while longer.

Tuesday’s tight and bright took the long course out to Cates park and back. Then for the rec and short course racers, it was out around the southern islands and back.

Let’s start with the surf ski division. The SS doubles were out in force last Tuesday. There were seven teams racing in this category which to my memory has been the biggest showing all year. Names like Seth Putnam and Matan Guttman paired up and of course our regular doubles Katja and Jeff, and the dream team Shane/Linda/Alex. However, it was the young guns Seth and Matan who took the win. A little known fact this isn’t the first time these two have raced together. Their chemistry runs way back to the cross country skiing days up on Hollyburn.

As for the single surf skis, a new king was crowned as Nathan Middleton took home first followed closely by Andrew Horembala and Matt Kelly. Good to see some fresh faces at the front of the pack for a change.

In the 14′ SUP division it was Adam G who took home first on paper, but it was Davide who was 1st in our hearts — sporting a tight green crop top which showed off his thirty-six pack. Not sure where this man finds the time to paddle between saving lives and monthly tight and bright calendar photo shoots the guy does it all. Krista Cline made an appearance last night, was good to see you back after a brief absence of having too much fun in Hood River.

Well for those of you who are racing this weekend I’ll see you at the Kal Classic. If not your next opportunity to catch your favorite boat driver will be next Tuesday or The Indian Challenge on September 14th. Catch you all next Tuesday.

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