A Marvellous Spot to Kayak on Your Honeymoon!

A Marvellous Spot to Kayak on Your Honeymoon!

Every now and then at Deep Cove Kayak we get to be a special part of someone’s life. Recently, we were lucky enough to be part of Amanda and Dan’s honeymoon when they took part in our Deep Cove Explorer Tour.

Amanda and Dan first met in 2011, through Dan’s step-dad. They finally got together in 2012 after Dan fabricated an elaborate fiction involving a broken coffee machine and misplaced paperwork! After three years together they got married in Kamloops in late May, and decided to honeymoon in Vancouver to take advantage of the many water based activities we have available here. They had already been whale watching and had a beluga experience at the Aquarium before coming to us in Deep Cove.

childinkayakThey happily arrived on a sunny day, and were super excited/somewhat embarrassed to find that we had set up their boat with balloons and tin cans to celebrate! The Tour itself takes three hours, and our guides lead their small groups around Deep Cove, showing points of local interest and talking about local history etc. One of the highlights of the tour is the stop off where the participants get to enjoy a donut from Honey’s!

We love being part of anyone’s celebrations like Amanda and Dan’s, it’s always wonderful to see people so happy and enjoying life. If you have a special event to celebrate, do let us know when you book! You can call 604.929.2268 to reserve, or 604.987.8028 if you want to book a private tour for a special bachelorette tour or anything like that.

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