Meet our Paddlers & Sponsors – Linas Antanavicius

Meet our Paddlers & Sponsors – Linas Antanavicius


This week we are merging our Meet the Paddlers and Sponsors by talking to Linas Antanavicius. Linas has been paddling with us in the Tuesday Night Races (TNR) since 2012, and this year decided to step up and become a GOLD SPONSOR! Thanks for talking with us Linas – let’s learn a bit more about you.

Deep Cove Kayak: What kind of paddling do you like to do? What boat do you paddle?


Linas: I enjoy going on one week kayaking expeditions in a double kayak with my wife Ann.  I also like participating in 5 to 10 k races either in a surfski or in a kayak.  I paddle Epic V8 and Think Evo II surfskis, as well as a Stellar 18 single kayak and a Seaward Passat G3 double kayak.

Linas paddling his surfski at the Canadian Surfski Champs in 2015

Linas at the Canadian Surfski Champs in 2015.

DCK: How long have you been paddling for, and how did you start?

Linas: I started paddling in 2011, after I sprained my ankle while playing basketball, and was not able to do a planned hike in the Rockies.  We bought a double kayak and went paddling around the San Juan Islands in Washington State instead.  I had rowed competitively at a national level in Lithuania for 4 years while I was a teenager.

DCK: And where do you like to paddle?

Linas: British Columbia and Washington State has many nice places to paddle.  We did kayaking trips and enjoyed paddling in Desolation Sound, Barkley Sound, South Clayoquot Sound near Tofino, around Nootka Island, in the Gulf Islands, in the Broughton Archipelago and in the Johnston Strait.  There is plenty of wildlife there including whales, sea lions, dolphins, seals, sea otters and bears.  Locally, I enjoy paddling near Bowen Island, in the Indian Arm, near West Vancouver and around Point Roberts.

DCK: How did you get involved with Deep Cove and TNR personally and what made you decide to be a sponsor this year?

Linas: In 2011 I was looking to buy a sea kayak.  When I came to check out the kayak, I learned from Bob Putnam about Tuesday Night Races.  I bought a kayak and started racing in the 2012 season.  TNR provides a good opportunity for people to exercise in the nature on the water on a regular basis between April and September.  The races are well organized and the results are meticulously recorded and available online.  The after season party is great too!  TNR is probably the most affordable paddling race in the Greater Vancouver area.  I hope that my sponsorship of the races together the other sponsors will attract more people to participate and to have a good time on the water.  I also see this sponsorship as a marketing opportunity.

DCK: So what is your company and what do you do?

Linas: I am a lawyer in Vancouver.  I have been representing and advising public and private companies, law firms and individuals on a variety of matters in the areas of corporate, securities, civil litigation, employment, administrative, regulatory, personal injury and criminal law for over 10 years.  You can find more information about me and my practice on my website and on my Facebook page.

Headshot of Linas

DCK: And, apart from TNR, what other events do you have coming up this summer?

Linas: With respect to paddling, I may participate in the Tour de Indian Arm, the Round Bowen Challenge, the Big Chop and the Canadian Surfski Championships.  I also plan to try out the new marine trail in the Howe Sound, and complete one or two kayaking expeditions near Vancouver Island this summer.

DCK: What are you most looking forward to about TNR this season?

Linas: I look forward to see the people from previous TNR and to become a more proficient paddler in my Think Evo II.

DCK: Finally, do you have any goals you set for yourself?

Linas: My paddling goal is to stay fit and to have an enjoyable paddling season.

Thanks so much for talking with us Linas – we wish you a great (and profitable!!) season. We know who we are calling when we need a lawyer 🙂 If you know anyone who would be interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Amy at for info.

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