Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills Course

Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills Course

Paddle Canada was formed in 1971 to help co-ordinate non-competitive canoeing and kayaking across Canada. Their mission statement is To promote recreational paddling instruction, safety and environmental awareness to all Canadians, and to that end, we offer the Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills Course!

paddle canaad level 1

So what’s it all about?

Our Level 1 Skills program is for anyone who wants to learn to kayak. It is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to the AWESOME sport of sea kayaking! The course will give you the skills you need to safely plan and carry out a day’s kayaking trip with your friends in what is termed ‘Class 1 Waters’, which basically means calm, protected ocean water.

And how long does it take?

The course is 16 hours long, most of which is on water but one session is on land. You start with a prep session at our retail store, Deep Cove Outdoors, where you learn about equipment, boat packing, and some essential navigation techniques.

After that we’re all about sea kayaking on the water, with either four weeknight sessions, or two full-day weekend sessions. They cover such topics as:

  • decision making
  • launching your kayak
  • weather
  • paddle strokes
  • bracing
  • edging
  • capsizing
  • re-entry techniques

…and so much more!

Learn to kayak

What do I get out of it?

As well as learning to kayak with the skills above, and having an awesome time, once you successfully complete the course by demonstrating that you can perform the skills required you also receive the nationally recognised Paddle Canada Level 1 qualification. This is often required by kayak tour and rental companies to demonstrate that you are sufficiently prepared for renting kayaks so it is super useful if you are intending on doing fun trips like that!

Where do I go after the Level 1 Skills Course?

If you want to go further with learning skills, the next step is to take the Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills Course (which you can read about in our blog post here). The qualification is also a prerequisite for becoming a Level 1 Kayak Instructor if you really want to take your paddling to the next step!

When can I start!??!

Our first courses start booking for the end of April.


You can book online right here!

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