Island Explorer kayak tour will show you Raccoon Island Island Explorer kayak tour will show you Raccoon Island

Island Explorer

introductory Indian Arm through trees
Rates: $139 (+GST)
Dates: May & September - Sat & Sun. June to August - Daily Wednesday to Sunday
Age: 16+

Call 604.929.2268 to book & inquire


This 5-hour tour is perfect for people who want to kick back and enjoy a relaxing day on the water exploring the nooks and crannies of Southern of the Say Nuth Khaw Yum / Indian Arm. After a short paddle along the western shore we’ll cross to Twin Islands for a delicious lunch and maybe a swim.

After lunch, we’ll get back in the boats and enjoy the afternoon island-hopping back to Deep Cove.

Lunch and all equipment are included. Lunch: sandwich (choices of roast beef, turkey/cranberry, tuna or veggie), salad, drink, and donut.

Intensity – Moderate

Please note that while this tour is open to novice paddlers it does run for five hours, participants should be comfortable sitting for extended period and have a good level of cardio-vascular fitness.



$139 (+GST) $89 Kids (+GST)

Dates & Times

May & September – Sat & Sun.

June to August – Daily, Wednesday to Sunday


10:00am – 3:00pm


None, a great chance to experience sea kayaking for the first time.

Do be aware that this is a 5 hour paddling tour so a basic level of fitness will ensure you have a great day!

Extra Info

If you need info on what to wear or bring with you check out our What to Bring page.

If you need additional info on our safety or cancellation policies, check out our Additional Info page.

If you have any other questions, see if they are already answered on our FAQ page or call us at 604.929.2268.