Learn to Kayak Solo in Deep Cove Learn to Kayak Solo in Deep Cove

Trip Preparation & Incident Management (4)

introductory solo kayaker
Rates: $89 plus GST
Dates: Thursday evenings May – August
Age: 16+

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This lesson will empower you to better plan and prepare your kayaking trips, as well as allow you to practice rescue and recovery skills and scenarios. This lesson is designed for those who are planning their first kayak trips and would like some guidance on planning and preparedness as well as further on-water practice dealing with rescue and recovery scenarios. This three-hour lesson is divided roughly equally between on-land and on-water.
Skills taught in this lesson include:

• Equipment and trip preparedness
• Introduction to weather interpretation
• Introduction to sea kayak navigation
• Capsize recovery scenarios and incident management practice


$89 plus GST

Dates & Times

6 – 9pm June to July

5:30pm – 8:30pm in May & August

Not offered on public holidays
Reservations are required

This lesson can also be delivered as part of the Intermediate Package available Sundays from 9am-4pm or it is part of any Paddle Canada Level 1 course.

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