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Deep Cove Wave Crashers is a women’s dragon boat team that was formed in 1999, with a number of our core group paddling together for over 15 years.

We are a fun group of women and our members have diverse paddling experience ranging from rookie up to 17 years.  We welcome new paddlers of any age, ability and fitness level to join our team.  Our coach and experienced members are more than happy to train “newbies” to the sport, on a one to one basis.

Although we are a recreational team, Wave Crashers has won at several regattas over the years, taking home “hardware” in recognition of our efforts.  We believe in training hard and playing hard.  Nothing is more rewarding than winning or placing in a race, followed by the camaraderie of sharing the experience of the day over dinner with your teammates.

We feel very fortunate to paddle in the beautiful waters of Deep Cove with the seals, jelly fish and scenic surroundings.  Our team believes that it is important to give back and our members have done this over the years by performing community service for various charitable organizations including Paddling for Change, Harvest House Food Bank, North Shore Harvest Project, North Shore Youth Safe House, supporting relief efforts in Haiti and the Salvation Army.

Our team believes in enjoying life and living it to the fullest through fitness and friendship, as reflected in our team cheer:  “Paddle for Fun, Race to Win!”

We look forward to seeing you on the water!

Deep Cove Wave Crashers
North Vancouver


If you are up to trying something new and exciting, please call our Wave Crashers team contacts at:

Trixie: 604-985-2595

Lynne: 604-984-6091