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Deep Cove Outdoors Kayak Repair Services – meet Marty!

Deep Cove Outdoors Kayak Repair Services – meet Marty!

For anyone who has been to Deep Cove Outdoors in the last 3 years, you’ll know that the building is one of two halves – one is the retail store and the other is our workshop. Initially fixed up by our original repairmeister Peter Buchmuller, and now ably continued by our current repair technician Marty Perry, the space means that we are able to repair kayaks, SUPs, surfskis, mount and wax cross country skis, and a whole host of other things. We thought we’d find out more about what makes Marty tick.

Marty in his repair workshop

As he describes it Marty’s ‘boat-breaking career’ started 10 years ago when he became involved with rough water kayaking, and forming the Hurricane Rider Kayak Team. He had previously been a whitewater kayaker so was used to plastic boats which are pretty tough, but with his new direction and sponsorship with Sterlings Kayaks, he grew to understand what words like ‘gel-coat’ meant…and what it took to repair a kayak that he had just ground up while rock-gardening on the coast!

While working with Sterling as they developed new kayak designs created by industry experts, and also by consulting with Peter Buchmuller through Deep Cove Kayak, Marty learned a lot of theory about lay-ups and construction, which he brought with him to Deep Cove Outdoors as our tech. In the year since he has been working in the workshop, Marty has come leaps and bounds from the theoretical knowledge he had to its practical application with the work he now does.

One other side of Marty’s multi-faceted career has been his interest in visual arts, which he very much finds useful in his work in the workshop. As his mentor Jay Inouye told him – repair work is an art, it’s not rocket science – a theory Marty embraces as he sees every project as an art form. Marty’s one fault may be that he sometimes gets too emotionally involved with the pieces he repairs, and empathises with the owners when their prize possession has to be tampered with, even if it is to make it better!

Some of Marty’s favourite recent projects have been restoring vintage kayaks – he says that they were so old that they didn’t have names, but that if in fixing them up he can keep them from going to their graves then he is pretty happy. He does admit that most of his time now goes into repairing stand up paddleboards, but that’s fine by him.

Marty also loves his job as it gives him a ‘rock-star’ lifestyle – he gets to be a stay at home dad to son Connor who is 8, and is learning skills he will have for the rest of his career, be it a ‘boat-breaking’ one or not. If you have a kayak, sup, surfski or any other kind of watercraft that needs fixing, you can give us a call to bring it in at 604.987.2202, ext 2.

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