TNR #9 Jug Island to Lone Rock


TNR #9 Jug Island to Lone Rock

There once was a time when I took part in the weekly Tuesday Night Races. Back in the day Greig G and I would go toe to toe almost every Tuesday. Those were simpler times when I could train once … Read More

TNR #8 Twin Island Return

Last night I attended my first après TNR raven night. Even after working Tuesday Night Races for a better part of a decade I’ve never once stepped foot into the Raven on a Tuesday. I don’t know if it was … Read More

Women On Water Surfski Workshop

Deep Cove Kayak Centre’s paddling school organized a weekend workshop for women and along with Coast Outdoors’s support the weekend was a success! There were 24 women participating, 4 women coaches and the support from the beach staff and Bob’s … Read More

TNR #7 Surprise Race

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who came out on Saturday. We were blessed with great weather and a fantastic turnout for the Board the Fjord. Every year people travel far and wide for this event, and … Read More

TNR #6 Bedwell Bay + SUP Tech Course

Before we get to the race update here is some insight on the behind the scenes action you racers never get to hear about. It was 5:45 PM on a beautiful TNR race afternoon, and I was feeling pressure, the … Read More

TNR #5 April 30th, 2019 Jug Island Time Trial

One of the most beautiful things about watching TNR, or paddling in general really, is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. There are moments when the endurance paddlers seem to defy physics, slicing through the water at an … Read More

TNR #4 April 23rd 2019 – Beachview Criterium

Four races down in 2019 and the TNR powers-that-be having found their grove. This TNR was another doozy as heavyweight paddlers from all over descended on the cove including one SUP’er looking to slay a SUP giant. Heading into the … Read More

TNR #2 April 9th – Lone Rock Return

April 9 – Lone Rock Return Sometimes, just showing up to paddle can turn out better than you’d expect. Maybe you’re really busy at work, or it’s a little colder outside, or maybe you don’t think you’re ready for a … Read More

TNR #1 April 2nd, 2019- Grey Rocks Return

April 2 – Grey Rocks Return Our first race of the TNR season did not disappoint. The race crew had ordered up some decently warm weather and laid out the welcome vibe! You could feel the excitement in the air … Read More

paddling safety gear

4 things you must have to enjoy Winter paddling

WINTER PADDLING Wetsuit or drysuit? The NRS neoprene clothing is supreme in its simplicity, bottling in the body heat while still leaving room to layer jackets and other insulation on top.  The neoprene acts as an evaporation barrier, allowing a … Read More

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