TNR #20 Maple Beach Multi Sport


TNR #20 Maple Beach Multi Sport

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of the TNR weekly. Last night was a special race for me. The reason being is I raced for the first time in 4 years. Now that being said just because I … Read More

TNR #19 Camp Howdy

Summer has been in full swing for months now, but Last night’s TNR was a hot one for all. Paddlers were seen purposely capsizing their boats and talking about how they ‘can’t wait for winter. You wait… one cold day … Read More

Early Bird Discount Pricing

25% Discount Paddling on Saturday and Sundays On Saturday and Sundays you can come and paddle as early as 7:00! Beat the crowds, find parking and go for a paddle, you will be glad you got up with the birds. … Read More

TNR # 16 Cates Park Course and BBQ

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of the TNR weekly race report. This week’s race brought us to Cates Park, and I wish we would hold more races there because the setting was beautiful. The park was not … Read More

Pros Vs Joes TNR July 9th

The anticipation last Tuesday night was high as pros from all over the globe descended on Deep Cove. The long awaiting Pro Vs Joes race couldn’t have gone any better. With a record high in attendance, 124 racers this marked … Read More


Welcome back to another of the TNR weekly update. You could say this week was a bit difficult for most as the Red Bull Take Over presented challenges both before and during the race. I hope every one of you … Read More

TNR #9 Jug Island to Lone Rock

There once was a time when I took part in the weekly Tuesday Night Races. Back in the day Greig G and I would go toe to toe almost every Tuesday. Those were simpler times when I could train once … Read More

TNR #8 Twin Island Return

Last night I attended my first après TNR raven night. Even after working Tuesday Night Races for a better part of a decade I’ve never once stepped foot into the Raven on a Tuesday. I don’t know if it was … Read More

Women On Water Surfski Workshop

Deep Cove Kayak Centre’s paddling school organized a weekend workshop for women and along with Coast Outdoors’s support the weekend was a success! There were 24 women participating, 4 women coaches and the support from the beach staff and Bob’s … Read More

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